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The Pretoria book thrifting guide

Everyone with a passion for literature knows exactly how expensive it can be to buy new books. Aside from the expense, buying new books is also not the most environmentally friendly pastime. The Guardian reported that a study “of the US book industry for a single year (2006) estimated that publishing consumed approximately 30 million trees and had a carbon footprint equivalent to 12.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide”. Book thrifting, therefore, serves as a much more environmentally friendly, affordable way to buy books. Luckily for UP students, there are many places in Pretoria that offer a great selection of second-hand books. Here are some of the best places to thrift books in Pretoria:

Q & A with Sango Xamlashe

UP rugby captain, Sango Xamlashe, began with the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein, was offered a contract with the Blue Bulls in Pretoria and has moved to UP. Since then, he’s become captain of the UP rugby team and led his teammates to a championship win in the 2021 Varsity Cup. After roasting us for never being to the High-Performance Center, Xamlashe and PDBY met for a post-win catch up before he’s back to training for the Curry Cup and Carlton Cup. 


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