We students tend to use the internet for research and Facebook, forgetting all the fun we could be having on the web between classes


We students tend to use the internet for research and Facebook, forgetting all the fun we could be having on the web between classes. Whether you are into comics, curious about the latest fashion and beauty trends, looking for a laugh or just want to while away some time playing an online game, pop onto these websites for a breath of fresh air.


For those who love to read them (and those who just like looking at the pictures), check out these online comics:

• If you are a bit of a computer geek, than you will enjoy Ctrl+Alt+Delete with its robots and computer related jokes. Visit www.ctrlaltdelonline.com

• XKCD is a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language”. If you are not fooled by fancy graphics, these little stickmen will keep you giggling. Go to www.xkcd.com

• Cyanide and happiness is a comic for those who enjoy a good politically incorrect joke every now and again. Visit www.explosm.net.

• Webcomic list: This search engine gives you links to comics as well as information on which has been updated recently. Go to www.thewebcomiclist.com


Whether you need a mascara quick-fix, or just want to ogle some celebrities, these sites will inspire you to wear pink:

• Confessions of a Style Addict is a blog where a fellow fashion lover shares her ideas on trends and style. Go to http://confessionsofstyle.blogspot.com

• Anything you want to know about fashion and beauty can be found at Beauty Resource. If you are looking for mascara tips or the latest trends, visit http://www.beautyresource.org.uk

• For something slightly refreshing, visit author Laurian Clemence’s Mushy Peas on Toast blog. It is a blog about everyday life, and how it happens to some people more than others. Visit http://mushypeasontoast.blogspot.com

• If you secretly hate those skinny celebrities that always look perfect, visit Go Fug Yourself. This site shows you all the times celebrities get it wrong, as well as what trends to avoid. Go to http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com.


For everyone who is not a dedicated gamer, check out these novice-friendly online gaming websites:

• If you are still young at heart, visit Neopets to relive the days of Tamagotchis at www.neopets.com.

• Kingdom of Loathing is a text-based game with puns, pop culture, stickman graphics and adventure all rolled into one. Go to www.kingdomofloathing.com.

• For when you feel in the mood for something new, the site called GamesGames has hundreds of free games for you to try out. With everything from puzzles to fairies, you are bound to fi nd something you will like. Visit http://www.gamesgames.com

• Try the Facebook application Mousehunt if you are feeling cunning. The point is to set traps to catch various mice, and in so doing earn money to better your traps and earn more money. Visit http://apps.facebook.com/mousehunt.


If you need help bettering yourself, or just passing your test, these sites will point you in the right direction:

• For help with writing that perfect CV or tips to get you through that job interview, visit www.cvtips.com

• If you have ever had to write a test on a book you have never read, you probably went to Sparknotes. You can also get study notes on biology, chemistry, economics, maths and philosophy. Visit www.sparknotes.com

• Soyouwanna.com has an article on just about anything you can think of to fi nish the sentence, “So you wanna…?” From painting your nails to joining the Peace Corps, www.soyouwanna.com is a great read.


When you are having a terrible, horrible, no-good day, go to these sites to cheer yourself up:

• Fmylife.com is a site where people post numerous horrible, embarrassing or stupid things that have happened to them. Reading through the things that happen to other people will not only leave you in stitches, but will also remind you that your day was not so bad.

• If you have ever stumbled home from the Square late at night, this site is for you. You may not remember what you did, but Texts from Last Night does. Visit www.textsfromlastnight.com.

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