The 2019 SRC election season was officially opened on Tuesday 23 July by the Director of Student Affairs, Dr Matete Madiba.

As in previous years, the election is run by the National Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) consisting of both internal (student) and external volunteers.

In a statement to the student body, Dr Madiba encourages students to vote by saying, “We call on each of you to participate in this round of elections to enhance democracy on campus and to make sure that we have strong and capable student leaders.”

Voting for the new SRC is set to take place from 26 to 28 August. Nominations for SRC positions opened on 23 July and will close on 5 August.

“We encourage you to participate by availing yourself to stand for the elections, or to nominate a capable peer”, said Dr Madiba.

All enquiries relating to the elections can be directed to the Deputy Director of Student Affairs, Dr Willem Jorrisen, at

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