Time has almost run out. This is my penultimate editorial, and I think I may have finally run out of things to say.

So I want to use this opportunity to thank the Perdeby readers.

These editorials have been therapeutic to an extent, and even though I’ve kept anything too personal out of them, writing them has given me a weekly venting space and an audience that has been kind enough to respond positively to all the s**t I’ve had to say. Trust that I know that some of the things I’ve written here have been just that – but hopefully some of them have been worth something too.

Perdeby has a unique, varied and dedicated readership who I hope I’ve managed to entertain and inform in equal measure.

I think I’ve done an okay job and I hope you think so too. If I haven’t, you’ll be rid of me soon.

In any case, thanks for listening.

You’ll notice a letter to the editor on page three. This is a direct response to the editorial I wrote last week. I am not going write a reaction to it. I’ve made my point and Jordan has made his, and you guys can decide whose point is strongest for yourselves.

I would just like to reply to two claims he makes. He is under the impression that I do not like politics and that this is why I am so adamantly against student governance. This is a fallacy. I love politics. This is why I care so much and why the failure of the current system offends me so much. And make no mistake, it has failed. This is the second year in a row that the election process has been a total joke. How can it be called a success in any way?

Secondly, he claims voter turnout last year was the highest ever; but less than 30% of students are voting. This is a direct implication that students don’t care and is indicative of a failed system.

I think our front page article makes the point for me.

Speaking of articles, there are awesome ones in the paper this week: we’ve got an article on busking, one on erotic fiction (that I wrote myself, so this is shameless self-promotion) and one on beer. We’ve got some great reviews and some great news articles. And everything else is awesome too, naturally.

I’ll be back next week to take my final bow. It is the last edition of the year (yikes) and my last edition ever (yikes) so expect my next editorial to be filled with wine-induced sentimentality, irony and obscure cultural references (yikes).

The only logical thing to do now is drink,


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