Flashback to September 2011. Li’l first-year me, bravely snuck to Perdeby’s old office to submit my application form – minutes before the deadline. I dropped it in the box and slipped away, praying that I would get the job as a news journalist. Fast forward to September this year and I have been blessed to become Perdeby Editor in 2013.

And, I still can’t believe how far I have come, despite the fact that I’m sitting here, writing an editorial.

This last stretch in the year can only be described as nostalgic anticipation. I remember sitting in Aandklas the night I became Perdeby Editor 2013, overcome with several emotions. When I looked over to one side of me, there sat 2012’s editorial. Memories of late Friday afternoons in the office, Oppikoppi and temporary break-downs flooded my consciousness as I realised that this team will be leaving soon, to aspire to new things. I want to thank this year’s editorial for all that they have done for Perdeby and for me this year. Basically the whole editorial is new next year, something that is uncommon in Perdeby’s history, and the 2012 editors have truly laid a great foundation for us to build on.

I want to take a special moment to thank Beyers for all the work he has done over the past two years and to wish him good luck for the future, whatever that may hold. The work of an editor is selfless. They rework articles, give advice to their journalists and don’t get anything in return (except the complaints when something goes wrong). So Beyers, I lift up my vodka-filled glass to salute you and I promise to honour your memory at Perdeby with exceptional journalism and epic socials.

With the teary-eyed moment past I look forward to introducing our readers to the 2013 editorial. They really are a crazy, deluded bunch of people and I see great things in Perdeby’s future. To my team, you thought you worked hard this year as writers, ha, that’s cute. But rest assured it will all be worth it.

Every editor has specific goals in mind when they take over a publication. Mine are simple: I want Perdeby to continue to cater to you, our reader. Coming from a news background, ethical journalism is a must for me, and I hope to instill the same principles in our team next year. I want our news to be objective, fair and to be a watchdog for you. I want our Features section to give you a break from the chaos of the world with an in-depth and quirky look at issues that you are talking about. Entertainment, what can I say, will be entertaining. I hope to provide you with insight into artists and bands through interviews, and to inspire you to listen/read/watch a variety of things through our reviews. You can even look forward to entertainment news. Think Rolling Stone though, not Heat. And in sport, I want you to have accurate portrayals of events along with reviews and interpretations about how seasons are progressing.

Not to mention a stronger focus on all the media platforms we offer to give you a fuller Perdeby experience. New features have already been added to our website (go have a look) and we will be using Twitter and Facebook even more to talk to readers.

Until next year. Bonne vacances.


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