What has the response from fans been like since the release of “Ode to the future” on 20 April?

The response has been great. We have gained new fans and have been receiving continuous positive feedback since the release. With the video being playlisted on M-Net, we are reaching out to a new market, which is awesome. We are aiming to release the single to the international market within the months to come, and are really keen to see how it will be received.


The song was recorded back in 2015. Why wait until now to release it?

We recorded “Ode to the future” along with our previous two singles, but felt we had to up our game in terms of the mix and master of the song. We were looking for a mixing engineer  for some time and waited for the right person to come along. When we started chatting to John Paterno, it was important to build a relationship first before starting the mix. We really wanted to take the song to its full potential, and that took some time, I guess.


Slow Jack has released three amazing singles already, but when can fans expect an EP or album release?

We have a lot of songs already written for an EP/album. The band has just moved into a house together, we feel that within the next couple of months living together we will make magic. We’ll be back from Mozambique and think that we will be hit with an ocean of ideas. We look forward to writing an album and also refining the music already written for the album and even more to get into studio.


You are heading to Ponta Malongane for the STRAB festival. What makes this exotic new festival exciting for you?

This will be our first STRAB and also the first time Slow Jack leaves the South African border. We love spending time together, so just being on the road is exciting for us. We have teamed up with the guys from Travel Designer, who will be driving us with their Land Rovers, which I think will make for an extremely exciting journey. Besides performing at STRAB, we are so keen for prawns on the beach!


All your photos, music videos and cover art are done very artistically in black and white. Is there a specific reason for not using colour?

We decided to go with “black and white” as we feel it reflects the mood of our music so much better, after all, we do love “black and white” and the “shady greys” that run with them. Setting this common theme throughout all of our work has greatly contributed to our overall brand, and it has become an integral part of our image. We are looking forward to the day that we can play around in colour, but for now, it fits the mood.


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