There are many questions and options to consider when diving into the world of gaming. Which console should you buy? Which games should you buy? Role-playing games or first person shooter? Should you play online? All of these questions come down to personal taste. Perdeby spoke to Tuks Gaming Society, Fabio Viveiros from eAe.Reborn, a competitive Dota 2 team, and Alwyn Venter from White Rabbit Gaming about how you can get involved in competitive gaming.

The best games to start with are games like Dota 2Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Call of Duty. These games give aspiring gamers the skills needed to compete. Other games that could launch your gaming career include League of LegendsBattlefield and Hearthstone. As an aspiring gamer, you should practise at least three times a week. If you’d like to compete at an international level, the recommended average time spent training is eight to ten hours a day. Viveiros says, “The most important thing is to practice and have fun, work hard and it will all fall into place.”

There are several internet cafés in Hatfield and the surrounding areas where gamers can go. Depending on your platform (console or PC), you also have the option to play online from home.

Social media is the best option to find teams and competitions. Follow Tuks Gaming on Facebook to keep tabs on their team trials and competitions. Other good societies include Dota 2 South Africa and ZA Gaming Alliance, both on Facebook. These communities can offer you advice, give you more information and help set you up. Also keep an eye on Telkom’s gaming website, Telkom is the driving force behind South African eSports; they sponsor leagues, organise tournaments and sponsor prize money.

The most important is to keep practising and trying to get your name out there. If you haven’t formed your own team, keep working hard and take every opportunity to get exposure and a team may just approach you.

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