The main stage is located directly after the bridge you use to cross the river and hosted some of the better known names in music, with outstanding performances from Bittereinder, BCUC, The Nomadic Orchestra, Shortstraw, Fuzigish, The Black Cat Bones. The Rave Cave is tucked away in a cavern at the end of the river beside a waterfall. Having a different set of acts for each night, there was definitely a party at the Rave Cave for every kind of person. The first night was hosted by Griet, with heavy electronic sets from the likes of Kid Robot, Phizicist, Chee and Haezer. The second night delved into the house and trance scene as Toy Toy hosted with Zolabudde, Sound Sensible, and Digital Rockit. Night three went a completely different route with Let’s Swing It, providing a swing-funk energy sporting music from Stage Pig, N-Chant, and Michael Lesar.

Situated under a willow tree a bit further up the river near the food and craft stalls, the Willow stage boasted a mix of alternative, indie and acoustic music that balanced and tied all the musical variety together. Notable acts included Manouche, Adelle Nqeto, New Academics, and Art Snakes.

No one can say there wasn’t an artist they didn’t enjoy because there really was something for everyone. With good management and overwhelming talent, Mieliepop attracts attendees from all ages, cities and tastes to come together and make their weekend away “a-maize-ing”. 


Photo: Shen Scott, Bittereinder performing at Mieliepop 2016

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