In a press release, Afriforum thanked UP management for undertaking to address the issues which were communicated to them. The issues arose after the campaign spread on Twitter citing UP as a racist institution that only catered for white students and didn’t accommodate black students.

After meeting with Afriforum, Rasethaba said that the #TuksSoWhite campaign must be viewed in context by white students and that he fully supports the campaign. He further stated that if a #TuksSoBlack campaign existed then it would be deemed as racist by the SRC.


In response to the questions surrounding his support of the campaign, Rasethaba tweeted, “Also I had not said publicly before that I support #TuksSoWhite, but maybe today I might as well say it. I support #TuksSoWhite!” He also tweeted, “@ afriforumjeug your so called action against me will not deter students from speaking out against the racism that exists at Tuks.”

Last week a Beeld article wrote that Rasethaba admitted to Beeld that he said that black people can’t be racist. The article also said that many people object to Rasethaba aligning his views with Sasco and the EFF given that he ran for SRC president as an independent candidate.


Daso was also involved in the process of laying a complaint against Sasco and Rasethaba. Adrian Eckard, the SRC secretary, stated that he wants Rasethaba to be replaced.

When asked for comment, Tumelo “Duke” Rasebopye the SRC member with the marketing, media and communication portfolio stated, “The SRC is still discussing the complaint and has taken to do a thorough investigation of the issues tabulated in the complaint before making any conclusive commentary on the matter”. Rasethaba declined to comment on the matter.

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