AfriForum Youth UP submitted a rescue plan to the university last week Wednesday to preserve student traditions.

750 petitions regarding the discontinuation of Rag, Spring Day, Serrie and Ienkmelodienk were also submitted, with each petition containing the signatures of 10 UP students.

“Students are now demanding that the vice-chancellor, Prof Cheryl de la Rey, [express] her support for Rag, Spring Day, Serrie and Ienkmelodienk,” stated Liza-Mari Coetzee, Chairperson of AfriForum Youth UP. AfriForum attempts to support the upkeep of traditions on campus in order to ensure unity amongst students. According to AfriForum the necessity of Rag, Spring Day, Serrie and res traditions have been called into question by the university in recent years.

The rescue plan sets clear guidelines to UP management concerning the steps that need to be taken in order to ensure the preservation of student traditions. “Traditions are not only being suppressed, but are also being abolished,” said Coetzee. AfriForum launched the awareness campaign due to the alarm raised amongst students and alumni regarding the deterioration of student traditions and cultural affairs over the past five years at UP.

AfriForum hopes to intervene in the situation in order to ensure that student traditions are protected. Numerous proposals were made on behalf of student leaders and have been sent to the university which include demands pertaining to residence club hours and the correct timing of “ontheffing”, in addition to demands that student traditions continue to thrive and grow without interference from UP management.

UP management has received the petition, and will provide a response in due course.

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