In addition to complaints of one of the posters being offensive, the posters had not been approved by Tuks Toonbank. Director of the DSA Dr Matete Madiba explained that, “Afriforum put up posters on campus and security removed the posters because they did not have the [necessary] stickers.” According to Afriforum, the DSA did not want to accommodate any solution other than to strip Afriforum of their office privileges. Since no progress was made in this meeting, the DSA called for another meeting on 12 August. Beineke said that this meeting was to discuss “the outcome of the office removal”. Beineke felt that this meeting was positive. He said, “We came to an arrangement about the Loeloeraai office. However, we do not want to disclose the details until it has been finalised.”

Afriforum is awaiting the final decision which, according to Beineke, will likely be made in the coming week.

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