Rochelle Oosthuyse, the chairperson of AfriForum Youth at UP, said that, “separating first years and senior students would not be beneficial for either parties. First-year students need guidance from senior students, especially when they just start university.”

A recent online poll posted by TuksRes showed that 94% of participants opposed Tuks’s decision to designate certain residences to first-years and others to seniors.  As Perdeby reported last week, the poll was open to the general public and not just UP students, so the results cannot be read as representing UP’s true figures.

“The university needs to start taking student’s opinion into serious recognition before they make decisions,” said Oosthuyse. This comes after many students, including the SRC and the residences’ house committee members, found out about the proposed separation of residences on social media. They claim that they were not consulted before the university took the decision to accept the proposal.


 Photo: Maxine Twaddle

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