Oosthuyse said that the only security measure outside of the university is the presence of informal guards. Oosthuyse said that the Brooklyn SAPS told her that these guards are linked to a series of offences such as theft and drug trafficking. “I am sure that you will agree with me that this Mafia-like practice cannot be condoned or tolerated,” Oosthuyse said in a letter to the SRC, commenting on how aggressive informal guards can be if they are not offered money.

In a letter that AfriForum Youth sent to the SRC on 7 February, AfriForum Youth made a few suggestions on how to address the issue of safety, particularly in parking areas. They requested the implementation of the parking meter system promised by the Tshwane Metro Council in January 2012, the upgrading of safety on campus by having formal, uniformed, trained, and well-paid parking attendants, and a local pay and park scheme.

The SRC formally met with AfriForum Youth last week Thursday to discuss the matter. According to an email that SRC President Enwee Human sent to AfriForum Youth, the matter was taken up to the SRC level and the Department of Facilities Management of the university thus it was not addressed on time.

At the meeting that was held last week, Kim Ngobeni, the SRC portfolio member for facilities, safety and security, gave AfriForum Youth feedback on the matter after talking to the Department of Facilities Management and the Department of Security Services. Ngobeni said that they are in the process of demolishing two houses which will serve as a parking facility for 60 cars. She also said that they are aware of the parking issue and they are planning structured parking which will cater for 70 cars.

Ngobeni also said that having uniformed personnel is “beyond the university and it is within the Hatfield CID [Central Improvement District] because it is regarded as informal parking” and mentioned that the implementation of parking meters is not viable due to space constraints.

She concluded by emphasising that security guards on campus are placed with the best interests of protecting the students and it is advised that students treat the security guards with respect.

Werner Beineke, the deputy chairperson of AfriForum Youth at Tuks, said that AfriForum will take this matter further by arranging meetings with the Department of Security Services, Hatfield CID and the Brooklyn SAPS.

Photo: Praise Magidi

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