As the album progresses, the tempo picks up and incorporates elements of progressive house beats, which climax to some of the best vocals from artists like Azola, Portia Monique, Mondli Ngcobo and Cara Frew. “Stuck in your love” is a dance track that brings listeners to their feet. As the album is picking up tempo and pace, this track strikes the perfect balance between progressive house and vocals by Azola.

The track “I have faith” sends chills down your spine as the soulful vocals of Mondli Ngcobo and the electronic guitar backdrop create a melody that enables you to close your eyes and allow your spirit animal to take charge. Through this journey that Black Coffee has set out for his old, as well as his new fans, the overall theme slowly starts to show itself. Pieces Of Me takes you along a joyous and conquering path paved with the bricks of organic instruments, electro, and melodic vocals. 

Pieces Of Me ends with “I will find you”, a track to help ease your mind to the end of the journey. The vocals of the talented Cara Frew tie the theme and aesthetic of the album together. As the progressive tempo begins to slow down and the beat starts to fade, the album ends just as it began, with elements of spoken word poetry. Black Coffee demonstrates how his musical ability has grown from his first self-titled album, Black Coffee.

The entire album is just over an hour and a half long – long, yet powerful enough to grant a second or third listen. Black Coffee fans and newcomers to the house genre will both be able to find enjoyment in the soulful journey that is Pieces Of Me.


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