The album consists mostly of ballads, dedicated to his beloved. The lyrics are utterly beautiful and the sincerity of the raw emotions described will leave you with goose bumps. Having started work on this album by writing poetry, Chris Chameleon has successfully personified the complexity of passionate love.

Although Chris Chameleon possesses an exquisite falsetto, it is somewhat overused on this album. Moreover, the recorded album does not feature any drums or bass guitar. This leads to some songs feeling rather empty and musically lacking. The added power of deeper vocals or bass instruments could really have elevated some tracks.

Except for “Rinkink” the album might not pertain to the absurd fun that could be expected of Chris Chameleon. Thus, Jy En Ek En Ek En Jy should instead be viewed as audible art, created to enrich the soul and not to move the feet. If you are currently swooning over your own beloved, or even if you are just a hopeful future lover, then this album is just what you need to keep the flame burning.



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