On Gunsteling Seisoen you’ll find a balanced mix of happy-go-lucky and woeful tunes. The lyrics tend to get a little cheesy with some heavy-handed imagery and exhausted expressions, yet the beautiful use of proper Afrikaans vocabulary needs to be appreciated. The album is not filled with the most unique melodies or any really catchy tracks, but the exquisite instrumental work will have your feet tapping nonetheless.

This album is an easy listen for anyone. The songs complement each other with ease, as they all subtly tie into the underlying theme of weather and seasons. As you listen to the music you’ll easily forgive the imperfect lyrics and uninspiring melodies because of the serenity exuded by Anique and Jouba. Their passion is thoroughly embedded in the album.

Although Gunsteling Seisoen might not quite be on par with Vars Uitgekerf, which won best contemporary album at the 2012 Tempo Awards, it is still a worthy addition to any music library.



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