Madonna tries to make important statements in these two tracks, but the repetitiveness of the songs and Nicki Minaj’s guest verse leave the listener wanting more. The tracks “Hold tight” and “Joan of Arc” revitalize the album, thanks to Madonna’s sincere lyrics and vocal talent. “Iconic”, featuring Chance the Rapper, opens with an inspirational speech from Mike Tyson. Madonna motivates the listener to realize their true potential and become iconic. The track’s unpredictable production makes it a standout track on the album, although Chance the Rapper’s guest verse does not reflect his true calibre.

The track “Holy water” is a repetitive song filled with sexual innuendos that might offend some individuals, and unfortunately drops the overall standard of the album. The album closes with “Wash all over me”. Here, Madonna learns to accept whatever fate the world has in store for her.

Rebel Heart is an enjoyable album that has many interesting songs. The album owes its success to Madonna’s vocal and song-writing ability, as well as its excellent production. Although the album has its flaws, they are overshadowed by its many charms. Rebel Heart proves that Madonna is still a highly relevant and influential musician in this current generation of music.

Rating: 4/5



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