Fifteen contemporary artists draw inspiration from the most basic human sentiment and instinct to produce the group exhibition aptly named Desire. The artists explore the different manifestations of desire such as longing, pride, envy, greed, anger and lust. Desire, curated by Johan Conradie, opened on 14 October at the Association of Arts Pretoria on Mackie Street and runs until 2 November. The exhibition is said to be an exciting personal and societal exploration of desire as an innate human force.

Grey Areas is another group exhibition that opened on 14 October. 31 artists, which includes Pretoria-based artists Nina Torr and Malose Pete, produced this black and white exhibition. The exhibition is curated by participating artist Johan Louw Stegmann and gallery owner Stuart Trent. Do not miss your chance to see Grey Areas as it only runs until 26 October at Trent Gallery.

These exhibitions only scratch the surface of what the Pretoria art scene has to offer.

If you want to explore your own artistic side book a seat at Paint Night. Paint Night will allow you to hone your art skills under the guidance of artist Marelize Bester. Blos Café will host this event on 31 October and 7 November.

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