Every month, Perdeby tests and reviews an app that we think makes life easier. This month, we tried out CamScanner – a mobile scanner.

Rating: 4/5

CamScanner is an application which functions as a mobile scanner. It allows users to take pictures of documents or texts, scan them into numerous formats and fax them. This app is perfect for students who need to scan notes, pages from textbooks, lecture slides, and other important information. More importantly, it’s free (unless you want a premium membership, in which case its R999,99 per year, or R99,99 per month).

The app is very straightforward from the moment you first look for it. It is available on Android and Apple devices, and on the Windows Phone 8. Once you have downloaded it, the registration process is quick and simple. It gives you the option of using your email address or your cell number, which is very convenient. The interface is very easy to navigate  In the account tab, users can keep track of how much storage they have used, and what their fax balance is. Lags are minimal and everything is labelled clearly and easy to find, which makes the experience a lot more comfortable.

CamScanner functions very efficiently.

There are a lot of options available to users. When scanning using the camera or uploading from the device or a cloud service, you can choose to scan an ID card, a single document, or a batch. This variety is very helpful. However, the issue with the batch function is that it does not compile all of the items scanned into one document. This feature seems to exist so that users don’t have to open the camera after every page. However, users can create a document collage for multiple scans if they have a premium membership. The editing tools are basic yet effective. The crop tool is fantastic, as users can adjust the angle of the crop lines with a zoom feature which allows them to see what they are doing. The app automatically clarifies the document to make it legible, and users can add filters to enhance the clarity even further to suit the document. A helpful feature is the Optional Character Recognition (OCR) which makes sure the “recognition language matches the text”. This means that the OCR picks up words in the language users select and presents them. There are a few errors with this feature, as not all words are correctly recognised and some are not recognised at all. With a premium membership, users can edit and share the OCR of a scanned document.

The sharing capabilities of this app make it very student-friendly. If users want to share by email, they can send the scan as a doc link, a JPG file, or a PDF file. If users have a premium membership, they can also email a .txt file and a secure doc link which makes use of a password.

Should users be unwilling or unable to share via email, they can also share documents using WhatsApp, iBooks, Facebook Messenger, and Notes on iOS devices.

CamScanner is a great app with few faults, and it should be highly recommended to all students.

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