After pepper spraying and hitting him, the men, who Letlape described as being in their early twenties, took all his belongings. “In my possession I had my wallet, which had about R400 cash, my textbooks, cell phone and credit cards in my wallet. They all searched me to get everything I had in my possession,” he said. The four men got inside a white Polo Vivo hatchback. “With my eyes being pepper sprayed, it was a bit difficult for me to recognise the registration number,” he said. As they got in the car the driver drove of f. Letlape suspects that there were actually five people involved as none of the men involved in the assault were the driver.

As soon as they drove off, Letlape said he went back to campus and reported the matter to the security guard on duty. He got assistance and security took him to the Brooklyn Police station. “When we got to the police station, I gave the statement explaining what had happened and everything was [taken] under my concern.” The TuksVillage house parents were then informed of the incident and his parents were called down to the police station. Letlape was unable to recover any of his belongings.

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