What are your expectations of your performance at Grietfest in South Africa this August?

We are still working on the set, which will probably be a hybrid DJ/live show. We’ll bring [a] few machines as well.

Reviewers have called your 2014 release EP1 “terrifying” and “dark.” Would you agree?

Of course EP1 was our darkest release, even if it’s not something creepy, of course. With the new records we tried to focus more on some sort of psychedelic, cinematic vibe.

You recently performed an unreleased track at the Elita festival in Milan. How did fans respond?

At Elita festival we premiered the live version of the whole album. Fans were very satisfied [with] what they heard.

You have opened for acts such as Placebo and The Chemical Brothers in the past. How do you experience opening for such renowned artists?

It’s been nice to share musical experiences, especially with Tom [Rowlands, from The Chemical Brothers]. We experienced that the best musicians are always curious to discover something new.


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