Moonlight earned director Barry Jenkins a nomination for achievements in both directing and screenplay writing. Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali both received their first Academy Award nominations for their supporting roles in this gripping tale of contemporary African American life.

After controversy surrounding the diversity of the Oscars for the last two years, progress could be seen in the range of nominees for 2017. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer have been nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role with Naomie Harris, while Ruth Negga has been nominated for Best Actress in a Lead Role. She received this nomination for her work on the controversial film, Loving. Denzel Washington, who both directed and acted in Fences, received his eighth Academy Award nomination. The Hawaiian animation Moana stands a chance of winning the Oscar for best animated feature film.

Noem my Skollie, the local crime film centered around the gangs in Cape Town, was selected as the South African entry for the Academy Awards, but did not receive a nomination. The film, directed by Daryne Joshua, could still be nominated at the 2017 South African Film and Television Awards. The SAFTAs celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2016 and is expected to grow and evolve as South African cinema does in the years to come. The SAFTAs will take place on 16 March, meanwhile the nominees for the 2017 SAFTAs will be selected soon and posted to their Facebook page.


 Image: South African Film and Television Awards Facebook page

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