The concept behind the video for this single seems rather interesting. Could you explain the idea behind it?

It was done in one take, and that was really important to me. I wanted to make a video that didn’t have any editing. The video is [up to] the viewer’s interpretation. I’d rather the viewer interpret it as they see fit, rather than [telling them] what it means. It’s a fun subject for people to debate online. [I’ve been] enjoying seeing what people think it’s about.


Your latest album, Run, is scheduled to be released in March. Can fans expect to hear a change in your sound?

[It] was an extremely emotional experience [and] it was a very personal record. I would hope that it’s a proper maturity from the first record and that I’ve pushed the boundaries even further.


Run is a very loaded album title. Is there a specific story or meaning behind it?

[When] people hear the first song on the record [which is] called “Run”, [as well as] listening to what follows and the journey the listener will go through [while listening to] the whole thing, it’ll become pretty self-explanatory. I don’t like to tell people how to interpret [things], what it means to you might be different from what it means to me. I don’t believe that these songs are mine, [but rather] that they are for everyone.


Has there been anything interesting about the recording process of this album?

On the first record, there were a couple of other people that played bass guitar or [other] guitar parts. Even though I wrote everything on the first record, I did have some help from other players. For this record, 100% of it was just me and no one else touched it. It was just me and my engineer in a room, so every single note you hear on the record I physically played myself, and [I] produced the whole thing. It feels egotistical to say that, but [it’s] true and it’s the [main] difference between this record and the first one. [It] was [a] bit of a fantasy for me to make a record that [only I] touched and no one else. I had to do it once, and I’m glad I did it [this] way. It’s just a formula that works for me and [it worked] for this project.


How did the song writing process work for the album? Is there a “golden formula” or is it different for every song?

[Every song is different]. I never know where an idea is going to come from or when it’s [going to] come. It just does, and I do my best to turn that into a reality and make it a real song. There [are] a lot of song ideas out there in our atmosphere and I feel lucky when [the song ideas] come to me and not [other] songwriters.


Image: Kari Rowe

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