Our popular Oppikoppi ticket competition had some creative entries this year, some of which are featured below. Now all these winners need is a slot at Oppi to perform their creations (hey, Hilltop Live?)

For those of you going to the festival, we have our trusty map of the campsite and the line-up on pages 7 and 10 (perfect for taking with in your bag or sticking on the inside of your car window).

For those who aren’t going to the festival, there’s still plenty of content for you. We have a look at the Zimbabean #ThisFlag movement and the local Cool Capital project.

For sport fans, there’s a whole four pages that look at UP’s Olympic athletes that are setting off to Rio this month. With the race and performance times of our featured athletes provided in the feature, there’s no reason not to pull this part of the newpaper out either (we recommend sticking on your wall and not your car window though, but each to their own).

Perdeby will be back on 22 August due to all the lovely holidays lined up. I hope you have a lovely Women’s Day and please remember to vote on 3 August (you even have the whole day off to do so).


Rest well!


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