What did you hope to achieve through your set? We want[ed] to continue what we’ve been doing. We are still in a phase of establishment as a band. We want to show people that there is more than rock and digital music in South Africa. There is a space for African bands and we want people to say, “If they’ve performed at Oppikoppi for three years, I can do it too.”


Do you have any plans to record? Recording is always on the cards. We are planning on recording new material because we are transitioning our sound to something new and different. We never want to sound the same [as] our last performance. We are a performance band and that is why we aren’t on radio or TV, so we’ll see when we actually do record.


How often do you rehearse? Because we are a performance band, we rehearse skeletons and when we perform, that’s when our sound becomes something. We never stress too much about rehearsing and because we rely mostly on performance, our music and performances are always dynamic.

Photo: Shen Scott

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