How do you feel about your personal performance at this year’s tournament?

I would’ve liked to come home with the gold medal in hand, but I received [the] Player of the Tournament and Super Striker title[s] [and] it’s rewarding to come home with two individual awards, so I am very happy and pleased about that.


What challenges do you think have contributed toward the team finishing second for the past two years?

I believe that UWC has strong players and their players are being developed correctly. I believe that their homeground advantage plays a huge role, though, and I would like to see another university host the tournament for a change. There were some problems getting the clearance for some of our strong student players and they had to stay behind. I hope that all universities are playing via the same strict rules when they decide who is eligible to play and who is not.


How important is the Varsity Sports league in creating interest in volleyball as a sport?

The only reason I started playing beach volleyball was due to Varsity Sports, and I can definitely say that they have raised interest [in volleyball] for the younger generations. It’s a good thing to get players involved at a younger age.


Being the final year of Varsity Volleyball for you, what are your future plans?

This was my last Varsity Sports as I will be graduating at the end of 2016. Future goals definitely include national participation. For the past year I have already been playing in the National Beach Volleyball Series together with my (non-student) partner, Nicky Wenhold.


What other competitions will the team be focusing on this year?

The USSA Beach Volleyball competition will be taking place at the end of the year. My personal goal will be to get the gold, even though we haven’t decided on partners yet. It will be my last chance and I am adamant to take it.


Photo: Saspa

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