“We’re the target market of a corporate hoax, our generation is a f**king joke.” Anti-establishment punk rockers Billy Talent are back, and they’re bringing the noise with their fourth album Dead Silence.

No Billy Talent album would be complete without taking a shot at government and religion and the first single, “Viking Death March”, throws you right into the deep end with powerful social commentary delivered through Benjamin Kowalewicz’s signature vocals while guitarist Ian D’Sa lays down an impressive riff to creating a classic Billy Talent track.

Kowalewicz’s voice remains passionate throughout the album, and while often threatening to break into screamo, never loses his melodic perfection. “Man Alive!” ups the tempo with a drum line that carries the upbeat guitar riff. You do, however, get the feeling that it has all been done before. The tracks are all similar to those on their previous albums.

From their previous releases listeners have come to expect the growling bass of Jonathan Gallant to be present in the background and “Love Was Still Around” opens with Gallant at his best. His distinct bass riff blends seamlessly with the rest of the band in an emotional song that tells of lost love. The song climaxes in an incredible solo by D’Sa and a strong vocal performance by Kowalewicz.

Dead Silence is a hard-hitting album from start to finish but the band braves calmer waters with two ballads: “Stand Up and Run” and “Swallowed Up By the Ocean” which show Billy Talent’s softer side and offer a little diversity. The band manages to deliver these ballads without sacrificing their style. Kowalewicz’s lyrics, filled with emotion, combine perfectly with the calmer melodies to produce a unique sound.

The musical brilliance of the band culminates in “Hanging By a Thread” and “Runnin’ Across the Tracks”. Both songs capture the essence of the Canadian punk rockers. This is Billy Talent as fans have come to know and love them.

Dead Silence is rich in variety and musical talent, with Billy Talent managing to maintain their musical identity and yet still able to produce an album that is unique enough to keep fans interested. Let’s face it: sticking it to the man will never become old.

 RATING 7/10    


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