What are you most excited about for Blood Brothers 2017 ?

I’m really excited to work with all these amazing people. It’s going to be a mal party! And it’s all for a great cause.


You are the bassist for The Black Cat Bones and Dead Lucky, how do you juggle the two bands?

The Black Cat Bones is my main focus. We have our main booked dates, and I try work around it to ensure that I’m constantly gigging. I have a couple of other side-projects, but they all seem to fall into place. I put it all in a calendar, and fill in the gaps.


What does the Vrede Foundation mean to you?

It’s wonderful that people are taking steps to use music as a medium to raise awareness. Everyone has been, or will be, touched by cancer in their lives. We’re quite oblivious until it’s too late. So getting people to think about important issues, with music, could be life changing.


What separates your style as an artist from other musicans in your genre?

I play very hard and aggressive[ly]. A lot of bends, slides, bashing the bass with my fist, loads of distortion and FX. I grew up playing nicely, but somewhere along the line I wanted to rock, break the rules, and scream with a bass. I learned all the rules, just so I could break them.


If you could perform with any artist on the line-up, who would it be and why?

I have actually been blessed to have performed with each of the artists, somewhere along the line. The great thing is everyone has something different to offer. I would like to perform with all of them on one stage, because it would be a very interesting mix of styles, vibe, and power. Oh wait, I think that’s happening soon.


Image provided: Andre Badenhorst

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