Kobus de Kock Jnr: Whether [André] came up with the actual concept of looking all militant, I don’t know. But he did it over two days: one in Cape Town and one in Krugersdorp. He had us all painted up in cocoa-powder to make us look dirty. My arm tasted like coffee for a week! Great fun!

The upcoming performance is scheduled to last three hours, what can we expect from the performance over this time?

Jason Hinch: Expect everything [and] anything. These are the some of the biggest songs South Africa has ever heard sung by the guys that sang them, all on one stage, all at once. It’s insane. Mixed in with that are a bunch of songs by their heroes that shaped these guys’ ears and sounds. And this is all happening on one stage, in a single, larger than life show. It’s really epic.

Kobus de Kock Jnr: Insanity! We’re playing the best tunes from our respective bands each and then peppering the audience with the cover songs we like best: everything from Pearl Jam to The Rolling Stones. But I can’t give away too much. Of course it’s going to get loud, it’s a rock show. Maybe leave your ouma at home. Unless she digs Arno heavy.

Has it been difficult getting so many talented individual musicians to collaborate to form one sound?

Jason Hinch: Some of us have worked together before and some of us haven’t. The band is made up of a bunch of professionals though and we’re definitely out for blood. That’s what makes it so cool. It’s this huge mix of guys all coming together to do what they do best. We all play hard and these shows will be no different. The show is one of a kind.

Kobus de Kock Jnr: Thus far, no. We seem to be leaving all the egos by the door and just serving the songs. We understand rock and it understands us. We gel. But once again we’ll have to wait for the opening night to see.

The sound that will result from such a strong collection of musicians will undoubtedly be a special one. Will fans be able to get a hold of recordings of any sort after the show?  

Kobus de Kock Jnr: We’ve recorded a yet-untitled track written by the brilliant Hunter Kennedy, which will [hopefully] be released before the actual show. All ten of us are on there and I can tell you it’s smashing! Look out for this as well as the individual band merchandise. Bring your wallet!

We understand that at this point Blood Brothers is a once off event in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Have any future plans or collaborations arisen in the process of organising the group?

Kobus de Kock Jnr: It’s a bit early to say, but there are rumours of people overseas in desperate need of some SA rock, so we’ll see about those plane tickets.

Jason Hinch: We’re recording the single right now which is just epic. So many guys on one track. All the frontmen are these huge personalities and they’re all on one track. It’s crazy. Then the song itself being written and produced by some of the best songwriters and producers in the country [such as] Hunter Kennedy [and] Johnny de Ridder. And then it’s played on by guys like Albert Frost, Rian Zietsman [and others]. It’s just all so insane.

Arno Carstens: I personally hope we can do more. Let’s see what happens.


Photo: Andre Badenhorst

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