Blue Palm seeks to assist organisations that do not generally receive sponsorship, are not well known, and are heavily in need of assistance. Their main focuses are community collection bins, which can be found in easily accessible areas such as around campus, schools and shopping malls. Blue Palm also works on outreach and upliftment projects, through which they aim to provide volunteer opportunities for students.

In his address to the new members founder Justin van Niekerk, a 23-year-old psychology honours student, said that most students want to help but aren’t able to due to the fast paced lifestyle of a student.

Therefore, Blue Palm seeks to simplify the donating process and provide volunteers with opportunities to help the underprivileged. When asked why he started the society, Van Niekerk said, “It just came to a point where I wanted to be involved in something beyond caring for myself.” He went on to say that Blue Palm focuses on both the problem and the solution, and aims to mobilise the youth and make them aware of what is out there.

According to Kim Pretorius, another founding member of Blue Palm, the society aims to collect everyday items and currently has one beneficiary, Funanai, described on the Blue Palm website as “a charitable trust that focuses on empowering orphaned and vulnerable children and their families in impoverished communities.” Bonolo Tlaoaele, a second-year communications management student and member of Blue Palm, said, “Last year I really didn’t find an organisation that was as hands on as Blue Palm, so I thought this would be the best fit for me and it seems quite promising.”






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