Huis Boekenhout broke the record and stole 80 Madelief jottirs last week Tuesday.

The two residences were sleeping when the Boekenhout boys sprang on the girls, stole as many jottirs as possible and threw them into passing cars that they had organised for the purpose.

By doing so, Boekenhout broke their previous record when they stole 70 jottirs in a day, a record which has been standing since 1989.

Boekenhout’s chairperson, Roger Player, said that seeing as this is their 50th Feesjaar, he and the first-years decided it was time to break the record. He said, “The evening was crazy, jottirs [were lying] everywhere and [the evening] definitely had a few [heartbroken] knolle.”

Luckily, none of the Madelief girls were hurt. Madelief Primaria, Lidalize Grobler said, “Obviously we were livid.”

In 1989, Boekenhout broke and buried the stolen jottirs at Madelief to celebrate their achievement. This year they decided to return the jottirs to the girls and donate a plaque to commemorate the event. Player said, “We realise that this was a shock for Huis Madelief but what we agreed on was that this would be a part of history that will be remembered for all time. We appreciate the good manner in which Madelief took it and plan to build a stronger relationship.”

At 06:00 the boys returned the jottirs with a letter and a Boekenhout feesjaar stamp stuck on the inside. They also invited the Madelief girls to watch them paint their Eiffel Tower green, to celebrate their long-standing relationship. Grobler said that the two residences have always had a good relationship in the past but added that, “[W]e don’t take this lightly. You can’t steal our jottirs and think it’s fine.”

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