The iconic opening crawl present at the beginning of all of the Star Wars is also present at the beginning of the comic book, personalized to introduce the reader to Lando’s story. This adds to create an authentic Star Wars experience that die-hard Star Wars fans will no doubt appreciate and love.

The colours are vibrant and pleasing to the eye, and the writing is comedic and interesting, fitting the character of Lando extremely well. The only draw-back of the comic book is that like all single issues, it is quite short and leaves the reader in a suspenseful state that only the following issues can snap them out of.

Lando #1 is a solid introduction to a beloved character of the Star Wars franchise, and a welcome addition to the ongoing series of Star Wars comics that Marvel is creating. The art and writing are distinctly Star Wars and the comic-book as a whole shows the potential for a brilliant comic mini-series.


Rating: 3/5


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