All stadiums were originally meant to have been finished on 31 December 2013. However, after a series of extensions granted to Brazil by Fifa to complete the stadiums, the last of the 12 stadiums were only recently handed over to Fifa – less than a month before the opening game.

Eight workers died in construction-related accidents and some of these deaths prompted organisers to halt construction in a bid to improve safety measures for workers. The infrastructure in and around some of the stadiums will not be complete before the start of the World Cup. Transportation to and from the stadiums will be a problem as some of the roads in the vicinity of the stadiums will not be complete. Metal detectors, which are mandatory at all stadiums as per Fifa’s regulations, have also not been installed at most of the stadiums.

The biggest concern is the fact that the roof at the Itaquerão Stadium will only be finished after the World Cup. The glass roof, which is supposed to protect fans occupying seats close to the pitch from the weather conditions, can only be fully installed after the World Cup because some of the materials needed to complete the roof have not been imported yet and studies still have to be conducted to ensure that the roof allows sufficient sunlight into the stadium and that it does not affect the playing surface in a negative way.

The accidents involving the construction workers have resulted in many stadiums exceeding the budgets which were allocated to them.

Communication is also set to be a problem and spectators will struggle to access the internet inside some of the stadiums.

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