Around Burnett Street in Hatfield one hears a very peculiar use of language. It’s as if someone grabbed a smattering of the local tongues, added street-speak and social discord, slung it all into a blender and pressed “purée”. Perdeby went listening for some sense in the slop.

“Deezees” – The zef name for Drop Zone, a nightclub. The club’s name might be confusing for some as more ‘picking up’ happens here than dropping off.

“Dutchman” (noun) – For your own security: a very, very bad word. Besides your safety concerns, there might also be legal woes awaiting you if you use this word.  According to, pending the outcome of a current court case, the D-word might soon be considered racist for the purposes of defamation suits.

“Ek is hier op my eie” – A mating call.

“Grow a pair” – Drink that tequila without the lemon, sissy.

“Hey boet” – A phrase usually ascribed to an immigrant from the East Rand.

“I’ll p*** him” – I will accost him physically and cause him serious personal injury. In other words, this means hands off and run.

“Katemba” (noun) – A mixture of red wine (usually Tassenberg) and Coke. Katemba is a really zef drink.

“Score” (verb) – Either to acquire something (usually a joint) or to engage in sexual intercourse. Burnett Street is good for both.

“Sowetan Toilet” – A gooey alcoholic beverage, the look of which explains the name.

“Super size number five” – If it’s been a proper night, this is merely a fragment of the nutrition you will require to render yourself decent again.

“Zamalek” – Black Label beer. Don’t use this phrase if you’re white: it just amounts to pretentious, black labour guilt sweet talk.

“Zef” (adjective) – Stupid, tasteless. Usually said of someone with an uncultured upbringing or conducting themselves in such a manner.

“P***zef” (adjective) – the superlative of zef.

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