Unlike previous years, this year’s Campus Invasion dropped the use of the Square’s stage and opted to host the three stages in Burnett and Hilda Streets. This year’s Hatfield Carnival, which traditionally served as an afterparty for Rag, was also hosted a whole week later than usual.

The line-up was eclectic, both in target market and genre and included some of the best South African acts as well as DJ Goldierocks all the way from the United Kingdom. Stand out performances of the night included Bittereinder, Gangs of Ballet and The Muffinz.

Bittereinder delivered the set they’re known for with chest rattling bass and chanting fans. Gangs of Ballet impressed the crowd with some daring stage antics and The Muffinz’ slow reggae groove provided a much needed time of calm before the last two DJ sets closed off the evening.

Accustomed to pushing through a packed Square and street party, the crowd was noticeably smaller this year compared to previous years. This was disappointing as it meant that the atmosphere was not as vibrant. Many believe that the smaller attendance was due to timing. Camila Machado Diaz, a third-year LLB student, said, “A lot of people expected Campus Invasion to be the week before, after procession. I think it not being associated with Rag discouraged people [from] attending.” Others believe that the reason for the small crowd lay in the smaller details. “I think the whole ticket system was a bit weird and marketing might have lacked a bit. The location was different and exciting but a bit confusing,” said concert-goer Juanita Opperman.

However, this didn’t stop those that were at the event from dancing along to Shortstraw and hanging around way after DJ Fresh closed off the performances. “The vibe has been awesome and DJ Fresh played the best set I’ve heard him play in a while,” said Lauren Rowe, a second-year Tuks student.

While there were small kinks in the evening, these could merely be the growing pains of a changing event. With a many successes under their belt, Campus Invasion is always worthwhile and many are eager to see what next year’s Hatfield Carnival will deliver.

Photo: Charlotte Bastiaanse

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