Burglaries, however, are usually related to negligence and both campus security and the CID cannot assist as the commune or apartment premises are usually private property. Students are advised to keep valuable belongings far from windows and to lock their windows when leaving their rooms.

Awareness campaigns are held by campus security to alert students of precautionary measures to be taken. While one may expect occasional muggings, there are also other forms of conning students such as “false prophets” who use religion as a tool and claim to pray for you. Once the student is convinced they will then advise him/her to go and buy holy water and leave their belongings with them. The victim will only realise upon their return that these were criminals who have taken their belongings such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. Students are advised to keep an eye out for these schemes.

The university also has a 24-hour crisis service which students can contact for support if they have been victims of crime. They offer a variety of services, such as trauma counselling, and can also be contacted with regards to the green route service. The service has a toll-free number: 0800 006 428. Students are advised to make use of this line and to keep the number at hand as the safety of students is a priority for the university.

One hindering factor in the fight against crime, as stressed by all the parties involved, is that students usually do not report the crime and those that do drop the charges if their belongings have been recovered. This means criminals wind up back on the streets instead of being dealt with.


Follow these tips to ensure your safety both on and around campus.

? Mark bags and books clearly.

? Never leave your valuables unattended, even in campus buildings.

? Lock your vehicle doors and keep the windows closed. Do notle ave valuable items in your vehicle.

? Be alert when using anA TM. Don’t reveal your pin number.

? Lock your doors at all times and don’ tmake duplicate keys.

? Close the windows when you’re not in your room .

? Use the green route system between 18:00 and 06:00 on weekdays. Contact the control room if you need a guard from your residenc eto the campus.

? If approached by someone with a knife, gun, bat or anythingth at can harm you, give them what is demanded. Approach one of the CID security personnel or the nearest police station to report the crime.

? When you go out clubbing, stay and leave in groups. Do not accept drinks from strangers or leave your drink unattended.

? Report any and all crime to the Brooklyn Police or the Hatfiel dCID.

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