What drove your decision to pick up touring again?
I felt like it was time to go back out on tour and to play music, entertain and perform. It’s therapeutic for me as an artist. I felt like at this time in my life […] it was what I [needed] to continue to grow as a human being.


Your 2013 album, also titled Proof of Life, has been very successful. Are you expecting further success from the world tour?
I hope so. I hope it gets the word out about the record. I want to share my personal journey.


Proof of Life seems a fitting name for your world tour as you will be performing songs from both Creed and your solo albums. What led you to choose this as the name of your tour?
It corresponds with the record, [firstly], and [secondly], it’s just so fitting for my life right now. I’ve really continued to battle with personal struggles, demons in my life, and as I come to the surface during this dark period, that’s the feeling that I feel, trapped in a prison by depression, and I feel like my head comes up for air, and [as] these depressions alleviate, I feel free. I feel held hostage by these things, so I feel it’s fitting that the tour carry on that same name. That’s what this tour represents for me: another remission out of a period of darkness and all that symbolises to me, expressed through music.


Which song on the album do you feel will be the most meaningful to play live?
Right now, [the song] “Proof of life” itself is really the most meaningful song to me. It’s the song that I’m connecting to the most on the record.


This will be your first time in South Africa. What are you expecting from your performances here in December?
I’m expecting some awesome experiences. I’m expecting a lot of people who love music to come out and see shows. I’m expecting to really dive into the culture of the cities and each place that I visit, and really get a feel of what South Africa is all about.


Would you say that there is an overlying motif on the Proof of Life album that will carry over into the world tour?
[Yes]. This world tour has so much of a deeper meaning for me, in what it symbolises in my life, based upon … a lot of the struggles that I’ve gone through over the last year. I feel kind of impressed with a new purpose for doing what I do. Believe it or not, even though it’s rock ‘n’ roll and I’m the frontman, this is so much less about me and more about connecting with others out there that have gone through similar situations and me being able to be a voice for those people [and to] create awareness that there are these struggles that are going on in millions of people’s lives all around the world and to be a voice for that. I want to [let my] music heal and provide a sense of joy and overcoming to everyone that comes to the shows.


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