Future afro is a unique genre that not many people know about. What does the term mean to the group?

Firstly, future afro is the style we play. It is a blend of soul, electronica and afrobeats. Secondly, it is the ethos we live by and try to share [through] our music. It is a vision of a new united Africa, an Africa [that is] recognised for its ingenuity, creativity and beautiful people.

You just released your debut EP. What can people expect to hear on the release?

Songs about love and aspiration. Hopefully it will inspire you to keep pushing for your dreams. Also lots of groove.

What made you decide to blend electronic music and more traditional styles of music?

That is part of our future afro ethos. We want to honour our heritage in our music but not be nostalgic. Also, we all like electronica and want to play what we enjoy listening to.

What is the group’s next big step?

We’re planning a tour to Durban and Jozi [in] September … [and] we’ve also started working on our full length album which will be out [in the] summer [of] 2016. It’s going to be groovy.


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