Two UP students were involved in a car accident in Lynnwood road near the university’s main entrance on Friday.

Jarred Thain and Michael Wood, both second-year BSc Landscape Architecture students are currently in hospital according to a close friend of theirs who wishes to remain anonymous.

The friend told Perdeby that both students are currently in ICU. Thain, who was in the driver’s seat, is in a coma and Wood, who was in the passenger seat, is recovering after undergoing emergency surgery on Friday night. Wood is in a stable condition.

According to eyewitnesses on the scene Thain and Wood were driving down Lynnwood road when they were hit by a speeding car from behind. The impact sent the car over the cement island in the middle of the road into oncoming traffic, where a UTi truck hit their car on the passenger side.

Brooklyn SAPS and the university have so far been unable to give comment on the accident.

Friends of Wood and Thain asked if people would start a prayer chain for the two students. “I really just want them to be prayed for as much as possible,” a friend of the two told Perdeby.

To leave messages for the two students visit our Facebook page or go to the i-lincc: Perdeby7410i.

Photo: Melissa Kemp

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