Nkamankeng has started her own foundation called the Michelle Nkamankeng Foundation, which aims to educate underprivileged children by encouraging them to read more. Through this initiative to encourage learning, the foundation recently held a book drive. She tells Perdeby “I want to help other kids learn. I know that not all of us can afford to buy books so I asked people to donate books so that we can help teach those who want an education”.

Michelle’s mother, Laurentine, says that she is extremely proud of and very happy for Michelle. Laurentine makes sure that Michelle gives back to those who have contributed to her success, and both mother and daughter recently embarked on a hike for Mandela Day to raise awareness about the high illiteracy rate that plagues the South African youth. She wants Michelle to know that success is nothing if you cannot do something for those who cannot do anything for themselves.

Michelle has recently been working on two new books which are set to be released later this year. The first book is called The Magic Key, and the second, Why I Love Flowers. The idea behind both books is to encourage the art of reading and creative writing among the youth.

Michelle wants people to know that fame is not everything and they should focus instead on improving their knowledge about the world.

She has adapted relatively well since the doors of fame opened. Her mother does not treat her as if she is Africa’s youngest author; she treats her exactly the same as her older children. She says, “Michelle is no different than my other kids. When it is time to do chores, and when it is time to play, Michelle knows where she stands. She knows that she is equally responsible for her share.”

Michelle’s hobbies when she is not writing include ballet, gymnastics, playing the piano and the guitar.

Michelle loves reading and learning about new things, and she would like to share that gift with other children as well. She is looking for sponsors for her books so that she may continue to help educate other children about the many wonders of the world.


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