You are a very successful rower with many achievements including winning silver at the Olympics after beating cancer. How have you been able to manage all these great achievements?

I just take my life one step at a time. I really love competing and there is no greater satisfaction than winning so I strive to be the best I can possibly be. Silver at the Olympics was amazing but there is still gold so I still have a step higher to aim for. I also love what I do, other people might ask how I can sacrifice so much to do what I do but I don’t see it like that.



What is it like living in a family with so many competitive and successful rowers?

I am really lucky to be surrounded by the family I have, they have definitely helped make me who I am. I love how competitive we are with each other, not only in rowing but everything we do. Although this can make it quite intense at times.



Your brother Matthew was just awarded The Order of Ikhamanga. Are you proud of your brother?

Yes, he is a huge role model of mine and over the years he has taught me a huge amount. I think it is awesome that they (rowing partner Shaun Keeling) have been recognised for their achievements. Their gold medal at the 2012 Olympics was rowing’s first Olympic gold medal and has given our team the belief and the momentum to keep performing on the World Stage.



What are your current goals and aspirations going forward?

The big goal is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and that is in the back of my mind every stroke and every day. But the Olympics is still a long way away and if I obsess about the games for four years the chances are I will miss it. It is about the process that will get me there and making sure I seize every opportunity along the way and perform each year building up to the Games.


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