The University of Pretoria Football Club (AmaTuks) acquired four new players during the National First Division (NFD) Competition. One of these new arrivals is forward, Ryan Chapman, who has played regularly for the team since joining. Perdeby spoke with the striker on 28 February to enquire about his transition into the new environment at the University of Pretoria Football Club.

How have you settled in at the University of Pretoria?

I think I’ve settled in well. There are lots of guys that helped me settle in here. I know a couple of guys, I played with some of the others. The technical team was very good with that, and I think it’s a very good team. There’s good structures here and lots of young, hungry players.


The team has enjoyed a consistent set of results so far in the second half of the season. What do you think will be the key to success for the rest of the season?

Just hard work and sticking together as a team and not letting people get in between us.

How has it been working with Coach Shaun Bartlett?

It’s been very good so far, I’ve been really enjoying it.

What are your goals and objectives for you and the club in the future?

I never really set myself any goals because I haven’t been playing for a while. So I just wanted to get fit and push myself , basically. But for the team, I think the team has been doing very well at the moment, but I think we just need to keep on pushing and maybe we can get into one of the play-off spots.

Because you have not been playing for some time, what’s been the driving force to get back on the field?

To get fit, to get to the top, to get the best out of myself.

How have you adapted to playing in the NFD?

It’s different, but I mean I’ve been working hard and the team has also helped me out


Photo: Stefan Sander

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