Besides being the captain, what is your position in this team?
I am player number five and I play as the opening bowler.


How long have you been a part of this team?
For about five years now.


What does it mean to you to have your dad as the former captain?
He is a big part of my life and was the start of my love for cricket.

Is there any particular reason that you do not play alongside hearing players?
Obviously communication is one of the factors. Deaf cricketers tend to play with a deaf team. But I played for Wits, which is a hearing team, and I managed fine.


Do you find it more challenging working with this team or with your Wits team?
I have been a part of this team for so long that it is easy to work with them now, because I know how to deal with them. But I have also played with a hearing team, so I know how to deal with them equally as well. So I would say that working with either team is not a big issue for me at all.

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