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The Pretoria book thrifting guide

Everyone with a passion for literature knows exactly how expensive it can be to buy new books. Aside from the expense, buying new books is also not the most environmentally friendly pastime. The Guardian reported that a study “of the US book industry for a single year (2006) estimated that publishing consumed approximately 30 million trees and had a carbon footprint equivalent to 12.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide”. Book thrifting, therefore, serves as a much more environmentally friendly, affordable way to buy books. Luckily for UP students, there are many places in Pretoria that offer a great selection of second-hand books. Here are some of the best places to thrift books in Pretoria:

Found in translation

Literature is a door into different worlds, and to read is to step into different selves. The importance of literature cannot be understated. Not only does it allow one to explore different perspectives, cultures, and places; it is also a tool used to look at the world critically. At the very least, it is a useful means of escapism.

The conferring of honorary doctorates in South African arts: Feted or free-for-all?

The South African arts and culture scene has received vast recognition over the past decades. As a result of this, the media has seen many artists cross the stage with pride to earn their honorary doctorate degrees. During its autumn graduation ceremony held on 3 May, the University of Pretoria paid homage to the well-renowned playwright, Mfundi Vundla, and musical giant, Abdullah Ibrahim, for their stellar contributions to the South African entertainment industry by conferring honorary doctorates on the industry veterans. Vundla is known as the founder and chair of Morula Pictures and the creator of Generations: The Legacy, while Ibrahim is an internationally acclaimed jazz legend.

Thrifting can be problematic

Recently, more attention has been drawn to the fast fashion industry and its lack of respect for basic human rights and the environment. This has led to many people, including students, turning to thrifting as a more environmentally friendly alternative, as well as a form of activism against the brands that partake in fast fashion. However, due to an increase in thrift stores and Instagram pages throughout South Africa, thrifting has also created a completely new issue within the fashion industry.

Meme-orable moments

Over the past year, the news has been dominated by bad news, from devastating updates about the global pandemic, to hate crimes. However, every now and again, a headline is just absurd enough to find itself commemorated as a meme on Twitter timelines, TikTok trends and Tumblr dashboards (and inevitably as screenshots posted on Instagram). In case you missed the memo (or should I say, meme-o), here is a rundown and explanation of the meme highlights of 2021 thus far.

Toxic productivity and student culture

Toxic productivity, as Huffpost defines it, is the “unhealthy desire to be productive at all times, at all costs”. It is not hard to understand why this phenomenon is so prevalent among university students. Students are expected to push
themselves to their limits to succeed, even if that means sacrificing their mental and physical health in the process.


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