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PDBWhy: Instagram as your personal dating CV

Most people are not able to start a serious relationship with someone else without first completing a social media deep-dive on that person. From looking through all their posts on Instagram, to reading through the comments, an online profile is usually the first place where someone will start forming their first impressions of a potential partner.

PDBWhy: What I miss most about campus

The University of Pretoria’s campuses are loved by students for many different reasons. As a result of the lockdown, students could no longer enjoy everything the campuses have to offer. PDBY asked students what they miss most about campus during lockdown, how they are recreating their favorite campus activities at home, and what they will do once they get back to campus.

PDBWhy: Refunding Tuition

The university recently announced that the decision has been made to continue and complete the first semester online, rather than resuming contact lectures. PDBY spoke to some students to hear their opinions on whether or not they believe, given this new form of online learning, the university should partially refund tuition.

Preference vs prejudice

Experience often plays a significant role in bringing to light the things people like and dislike. Figuring out what one likes and dislikes in terms of dating can be a similar process. Sometimes the basis of what people like, is not always experience or preference but a preconceived idea.


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