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Self publishing as a student

Ivainashe: the UP student behind I Was Never Ready and Many Other Stories
3rd year UP Law student, Ivainashe Earnest Nyamutsamba, recently launched his anthology titled, I Was Never Ready and Many Other Stories, a collection of sixteen short stories. Fifteen of them explore the intimate complexities of the African women that come from different backgrounds, whose life experiences are interwoven by the phrase ‘I was never ready’. The book also covers the story of a person who meditates about fifteen different female persons that are going through different experiences, and another story that explores the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 and focuses on a UN Peacekeeping soldier. PDBY spoke to Nyamutsamba to discuss his journey leading up to the release and publication of his book.

Science literature published by UP

Pollinators, Predators and Parasites by Clarke Scholtz, Hennie de Klerk, and Jenny Scholtz
Professor Clarke Scholtz amongst other authors has published a book titled Pollinators, Predators and Parasites. The book is significant to the University of Pretoria, specifically in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, because it can be used as a source when doing research on pollinators, predators and parasites.

Rich archive library collection at UP

UP has a large range of manuscripts donated by families of late luminaries. A case in point is the Dr van Warmelo collection that was presented to the university after the doctor’s death. The collection consists of 540 manuscripts in 97 boxes. PDBY reached out to the library to find out how they keep collections safe and the policy for collecting manuscripts.

The Student Counselling Centre’s new SCU-B

The Student Counselling Unit (SCU) at the UP is focussed on providing students with adequate support to ensure that they are better equipped to approach their studies, and to make the correct career choices. Services offered by the SCU include cognitive training, academic help, individual consultations, workshops, and webinars.

Campus Nostalgia: Flashback to student news in 1946

PDBY has covered student news for 83 years, but the type of news that students follow has evolved over generations at UP. This edition’s Campus Nostalgia offers some insight into the type of news student journalists covered, and the stories students were interested in reading in 1946, not long after the newspaper reopened after a four-year closure due to a paper shortage in World War 2.


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