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Science literature published by UP

Pollinators, Predators and Parasites by Clarke Scholtz, Hennie de Klerk, and Jenny Scholtz
Professor Clarke Scholtz amongst other authors has published a book titled Pollinators, Predators and Parasites. The book is significant to the University of Pretoria, specifically in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, because it can be used as a source when doing research on pollinators, predators and parasites.

The students behind iNgudukazi magazine

iNgudukazi is a multi-award winning women’s magazine that is based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The magazine writes about struggles and promotes and empowers young Zimbabwean women. Writers from the magazine aim to speak out and educate people on political and social justice matters in a way that sparks conversation. iNgudukazi writers enjoy sharing their knowledge and creating a space where people can learn and create an open dialogue with each other, as well as with the magazine. The feminist magazine caters to audiences of many different interests, ranging from social justice to beauty hacks, culture, and even love and relationships.

Writings of forever

South Africa has an impressive total of eleven official languages, which could increase to 12 if Parliament accepts a request to grant South African sign language official status. However, despite the numerous indigenous languages available in the country – such as Sesotho, IsiZulu and IsiXhosa, English remains the dominant language used in literature.


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