Two weekends ago the Perdeby team went on a training camp, and in a way it was a type of celebration. It was exciting to see so many different people with so many different skills all working together and getting to know each other. It was a great way to get out of the office and leave behind all the craziness to learn about new things, acknowledge the fact that we achieve a whole lot each week, and to get to know the people that help us achieve those things.

The team left the weekend longing for more and decidedly more positive. I think this has shown in our last edition and this one.

We have taken time to celebrate a few graduation stories below. If you have any inspiring stories or just want to share your excitement with us, send your photos and captions to

On 27 April we are also going to be taking time as a country to celebrate our freedom. To honour this and the people that helped South Africa achieve this, we have put together a number of features. You can find them on pages 5, 6, and 7.

If celebrating with food is your kind of thing, have a look at the article on page 8 that details a number of local restaurants that serve up some exciting African dishes. Alternatively, those with a sweet tooth will enjoy our look at Pretoria’s most creative milkshakes on page 9.

There is celebration galore on the sports pages as the Varsity Cup captain reflects on a historical season and the rugby sevens team looks forward to the Olympics.

I hope you find many things to celebrate this week. This week the team are celebrating a well-earned break – we’ll be back in May. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on our website for web exclusive content.


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