We hear that you’ve just started recording. Can you tell us who you are signed with and whether you are recording a few singles or an album? I am signed with Universal Studios and I’m recording with a producer named Dan Roberts. Firstly, it was going to be only a single but the people who I record with really liked what I showed them so they decided to give me an album deal.


You’re quite young. Is singing a permanent career path that you’ve chosen or are you just enjoying the moment and seeing what life brings your way? I’ve thought about that. Being famous when you’re a really young singer (by the way, I’m not saying I’m going to be famous) doesn’t always work out because it’s hard to keep making hits. Right now I’m just enjoying the moment and loving recording.


As a drama student, why are you pursuing singing rather than acting? I think I’m better at singing. You should take the thing you are best at and go for that and I got a really good opportunity.


What did you learn from your experience on Idols? The competition is crazy and people take it really seriously and from the start I didn’t take it seriously enough. I just went as a joke and to have fun. I learnt that it’s a very hard industry to work in and everyone in it is really professional.


What style or genre of music are you looking to go into? I don’t know if I’m allowed to say yet but we are trying something different. Universal saw a huge gap in the market and we’re going to try that out. It’s actually in my mother tongue and I never thought that I would sing in Afrikaans, but I am giving it a chance and it [has] been great. I’ve learnt a lot about the language but also a lot about my family because I’m using poems and pieces of writing that my relatives have written and, since my whole family loves to write, it [has] been wonderful.


Is there anything you want listeners to experience when listening to your music? I think Afrikaans music is usually seen as very “zef” and “common” and I think I just want to bring something beautiful [to the genre]. Beautiful words in poem [form], making those [kind of] songs, that’s what I want to do. I want to make people feel things, but the instruments that we chose for the album automatically make you attach yourself emotionally to the song because they’re beautiful and pure.


How do you plan on building your brand as an artist? Is everything done through Universal or do you try to get gigs yourself? [I’m] very new at it. I’ve only been signed for about two months so I’m not really sure how it works but Universal has given me a few great opportunities. For instance, I’ll be opening for Elvis Blue in about two weeks, so that’s cool. Basically they help me get in with people that they work with but I still try finding my own gigs.


What makes your style unique?

As an artist you have to believe in your own work and I really do. I believe that I’m being honest with myself when I’m singing and I think that’s important, you have to be believable so people can relate to you because people aren’t stupid, they want honest singers and I really believe that I’m an honest singer.


Do you prefer to write your own songs? The first single is going to be one of my own songs. I don’t really prefer writing but I have been trying it out and it’s also been a learning experience. I also have songs that my aunt wrote and also another one that my friend wrote so I don’t mind taking songs from other people because we all have things to say.

Photo: Stefan Stander

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