Jonker’s poems were weaved into the beautiful choreography, as the audience enjoyed the performers’ verbal delivery, acted out with a delicate emotional charge.

Haskins, the recipient of two Standard Bank Ovation Awards, succeeded in subtly depicting the harsh issues Jonker dealt with in her life, not just through the gesturing bodies and beautiful music, but also with her use of props. Plastic, steel, paper and sand were skilfully put to use to depict issues such as abortion, loneliness, depression and suicide.

The performance, however, did also  leave room for a little fun, giving the audience a truthful glimpse into the complicated love life of Ingrid Jonker.  This came in the form of a sexy tango-inspired scene that made you want to join in on the sneaky fun.

Haskin’s tells Jonker’s story in such a way that prior knowledge about Ingrid or her poems isn’t necessary to follow the unfolding of events on stage. The overall visual impact strikes the audience emotionally, leaving them with a sense of insight into the complexity that was Ingrid Jonker.

After watching Chasing you are left with a wakened curiosity might inspire you to start their own journey into the poet’s poems and life.

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